CMS Competitive Bid Submission System

CMS Bid Submission System

The Bid Submission System that CMS will use is an online bidding application dubbed DBidS. Bidding entities will complete Forms A and B of this online program. Form A is essentially the “who you are” portion of the bid submission system, and includes supplier information, location information, network member location information, product information, a supplier checklist, an instructional page (RFB instructions), and a summary page. Form B, or the “what you do” portion of the system, is the actual bidding sheet that bidders use to submit their bids.

DBidS Flowchart—Entering DBidS and Establishing an Organization for Bidding

Link to CMS Bid Submission System (DBidS) will be available when it is released.

However, providers may now wish to review the 2012 Reference Guide to DBidS, as we believe much of the information and procedures will be identical to the Round One rebid.  Click here to access.  We anticipate the Round Two Reference Guide will be available soon. 

CMS Competitive Bidding Forms
The following forms were provided by CMS as a tool to help you collect all of the information that bidders will need when they use the online application. These forms are for reference purposes only, and need not be filled out in order to submit your bids.
Forms Available for Download

Help available for download

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